Larry Jordan Previews NAB 2014 on FCP.CO

April 2, 2014 Tags:
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Over on FCP.CO longtime master training Larry Jordan Previews NAB 2014.

Larry Jordan, Final Cut Pro X guru and master trainer offers thoughts and opinions about the likely hot topics and technologies during the upcoming NAB 2014 show in an interview at FCP.CO. Of particular interest is his predilection toward 4K workflows and democratization.

“New storage technology with the integration of Flash/SSD technology with spinning media,” he says. “Lower prices for SSD drives. Increased storage capacity on spinning media. And a variety of RAID 5 high-speed systems using Thunderbolt 2 at price points that make them attractive to independent producers, as opposed to bankers. I’m looking for more 4K video monitors and better pricing on 2K monitors. I also expect to hear a lot about video delivery on multiple screens, Producers need to produce media that can be consumed anywhere on anything. Plus the usual explosion of new cameras, camera accessories, and lighting gear.”

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