Sam Mestman Previews NAB on FCP.CO

April 3, 2014
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On FCP.CO our own Sam Mestman talks NAB 2014 and Final Cut Pro X.

“Personally, I think NAB 2014 is going to really highlight how the way we are acquiring, editing, and distributing our media is changing,” Sam says. “Camera prices are going down and resolution is going up. Shared storage environments are now becoming affordable for smaller shops. 4k workflow with modern hardware is no longer a big deal and HDMI 1.4a (and soon 2.0) make viewing that content really straightforward.”

“It was just a few years ago when the typical person walking the show floor was asking themselves “what gear is going to give me the best shot of delivering a film print/Digibeta/HD-Cam SR to a movie theater or cable network for Broadcast?” This year, I think the majority of people walking the floor are going to be asking themselves “what gear is going to give me the best shot of not only delivering to the network, but also DCP, iTunes, Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and is there a good way for me to do it in 4k and at half my previous budget?””

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