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Sam here…

So… I know we’re all excited about the Apple Keynote today and of course IBC…. but in other news…. I just wanted to let you know I’m going to be hanging out with a bunch of really smart people on Wednesday September 10th, 2014 and we’re going to be talking FCPX workflow:

On the show are going to be the usual suspects Steve Martin, Mark Spencer, and Alex Lindsay as well as Mike Matzdorff and Bill Davis, who are both doing some awesome things with FCPX.

Show’s going to be starting at 1pm PDT, and if you tune in live, you can ask us all some questions that hopefully we’ll be able to answer.

The show has a really innovative format where all of the guests are sitting around a roundtable that has 6 screens all connected up automagically to the same footage and computer. I have no idea how they set it up this way, but it makes for a really collaborative, free flowing show that’s a lot different and I think more interesting than what you might see from a typical user group/workflow presentation.

If you missed the first two, they were kind of awesome and you should check them out here:


FCPXVUG #1 (Featuring FCPWORKS’ Sam Mestman)

FCPXVUG #2 (featuring FCPWORKS’ Noah Kadner)


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