ARRI Amira now does 4K UHD

September 10, 2014 Tags: , , ,
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Sam here…

Looks like ARRI’s finally getting their act together and are finally supporting 4K capture with the Amira:

While I’d love it if it supported full 4K DCI (4096×2160), this is still a big step in the right direction for them.

ARRI Amira Workflow Diagram

What’s really nice about this is that’s it’s going to shoot out Prores, and not some ridiculous, impractical RAW format that’s going to be hard to work with… although it seems from the diagram like they’re not quite supporting Prores XQ, which is a bit of a drag. That’s the capture format I’d love to see for feature/high end work.

Regardless, a huge step in the right direction.

Whether you all like the way the ARRI Amira is set up or not… you need to start thinking about how you’re going to shoot and master in 4K. It’s going to become the new standard.

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