X-FX Handler Does Quick Changes to Final Cut Pro X Effects

March 27, 2014 Tags: , ,
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X-FX Handler Enables Quick Global Changes to Final Cut Pro X Effects.

Longtime Final Cut Pro developer Andreas Kiel has recently re-released a helpful app from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X- called X-FX Handler. This application allows you to inspect and modify all effects, transitions, titles and more on a Final Cut Pro X project timeline. This can be especially helpful if you’re planning to exchange a complex timeline with visual effects artists and/or color correction and need a ‘clean,’ cuts only version.

According to Andreas:

“The app searches for everything which XML internally is an “effect”. The count of usage, the name, the user visible type and the FCPX internal usages are listed. Optional you can show the clip names which do use a certain “effect” – except for transitions. Selecting a clip name will set the clipboard to this name and you can use the “find” in FCPX,

The app allows to enable/disable “effects” or just to remove them. These actions are immediately saved to the XML.
The XML can be imported into FCPX and will create a modified copy of the timeline.”

Best of all it’s free. To download a copy, here’s the direct link.

You’ll also find the developer himself discussing the app over on FCP.CO’s forum here.


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