The Logic of Sound: Part III

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So… If you’ve tried to just get into Logic quickly with an FCPX XML, you’ve probably had some problems. I know I did initially. The main reason you’re probably having those problems is that there’s one little box dropdown you need to hit while you’re exporting your XML in order to make things lay out in Logic correctly.

You need to set your metadata view on XML export to “Audio”.

If you do that, you’re going to get a MUCH cleaner XML import into Logic Pro X.

Your primary audio roles should come in as tracks (e.g – Dialogue, music, effects, ambience), and you won’t have the sync issues that you would likely face if the metadata view was set as something else.

However, from what I can tell, your sub roles will not be respected getting over to Logic. Also, I’ve had some experience with some patching/playback issues on some some of my dialogue that’s coming in… in addition, I would love to see EQ and compression that I’ve applied to my clips be applied to the tracks on XML import.

Currently, the best way to get to Logic is to manage your components and roles correctly (ideally from the very beginning), and then build a beautiful looking AAF using X2Pro or even bring in mixed down versions of your roles as tracks in Logic using the Share menu.

At the end of the day, the better your role management is, the better your Logic workflow is going to be, and we’re going to dive into best practices for Role management in the next part in this series.

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Sam Mestman

Sam Mestman, FCPWORKS.

This blog post contains the personal musings of FCPWORKS’ Workflow Architect, Sam Mestman. Sam’s also a regular writer for and MovieMaker Magazine, teaches post workflow at RED’s REDucation classes, and is the founder and CEO of We Make Movies, a film collective in Los Angeles and Toronto which is dedicated to making the movie industry not suck. If you’ve got any FCP X questions or need some help putting together a system, drop him an email at and you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter at @FCPWORKS.


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