MXF Troubleshooting Tip

February 20, 2015 Tags: , , ,
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Mostly as a public service announcement to those of you running MXF workflows with FCPX 10.1.4 and above:

If after installing Pro Video Formats, MXF clips appear to only be 30 seconds long, it may be due to a conflict with the demo version of Calibrated{Q} MXF Import. To solve this:

  1. Quit Final Cut Pro.
  2. In Finder, go to /Library/QuickTime and trash the Calibrated{Q} MXF Import component.
  3. Launch Final Cut Pro, and reimport any clips that were previously only 30 seconds long.

From there, things should start running smoothly. Stay tuned on this blog. We’ve got more Secret Sauce vids and NAB 2015 preso announcements coming soon!


Sam Mestman

Sam Mestman, FCPWORKS.

This blog post contains the personal musings of FCPWORKS’ Workflow Architect, Sam Mestman. Sam’s also a regular writer for and MovieMaker Magazine, teaches post workflow at RED’s REDucation classes, and is the founder and CEO of We Make Movies, a film collective in Los Angeles and Toronto which is dedicated to making the movie industry not suck. If you’ve got any FCP X questions or need some help putting together a system, drop him an email at and you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter at @FCPWORKS.


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