Final Cut Library Manager’s Simple Library Organization

March 24, 2014 Tags: , ,
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Final Cut Library Manager Offers Simple Library Organization

As reviewed recently over at LAFCPUG,FCP.CO, and Alex4DFinal Cut Library Manager is a solid, $9 utility that gives you increased, granular control over Libraries. Specifically, this app enables you to manage Libraries outside of FCPX and gives you additional control over the storage and removal of renders, proxy files, optimized and stabilized media. If you’re working with a lot of different Libraries, managing a shared editors environment or dealing with limited storage space, this application is for you.

You can also easily sort Libraries by name, size and date. What even more useful is Final Cut Library Manager keeps its own database of all the Libraries that have ever been on your system. So you can easily audit offline Libraries and figure out where and why they went hiding.

Arctic Whiteness offers a free trial of this very OS X Mavericks looking app, so you’ve really got nothing to lose. This is an essential application for anyone doing serious work with Final Cut Pro X and a worthy addition to the ecosystem that continues to grow around the app.


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