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October 14, 2014 Tags: , , ,
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So… Izotope recently released RX4 and RX4 advanced, a large update to their suite of audio repair tools, which for those of you who didn’t know, is just an AWESOME set of audio tools that you can use right in FCPX.

The really big news is that my favorite plugin from of theirs, the dialogue denoiser, is now included as a part of the regular Izotope RX package (about $400) and is no longer only part of the Advanced Suite ($1200).

If you’re curious what the dialogue denoiser does, it’s literally a “make it better” button for dialogue. You slap it on pretty much anything, and the background noise gets sucked out without really affecting the dialogue.

My other favorite plugin from the suite is the dereverb plugin, that basically pulls some of the “space” out of your dialogue to make it feel like it wasn’t recorded in a room that isn’t meant for recording sound.

In terms of what the advanced suite got in its arsenal, it now has EQ matching, which is pretty fantastic, as well as some built in loudness tools… which is you aren’t aware why that matters, you may not need them at this point, but I think the industry is largely heading toward a new standard for broadcast delivery, which is loudness as opposed to the traditional DB readings.

Anyway, If you’re an FCPX editor, and you need a rock solid, really useful set of Audio repair tools for basic tasks, Izotope RX is a great option, in my opinion… and the fact that the dialogue denoiser is now included with the standard package makes this a far more affordable and useful purchase for the average FCPX editor.

Just a heads up, BTW… don’t try and use the learn button for these plugins in FCPX. It’ll cause some headaches.

Instead, especially for things like the dialgue denoiser (which should do 95% of what you need just by applying it), work with the sliders in the inspector, and for any advanced heavy lifting, just go into RX standalone editor and make your changes to the file.

On a side note, you can expect a lot more sound and Logic related stuff in this blog coming soon.


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