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Sam here… just wanted to take a second and talk about my new podcast, sponsored by FCPWORKS, called We Make Movies: Film Central. While this isn’t exactly a FCPX podcast (although it’s going to come up quite a bit), if you’re a person who’s interested in making and distributing content in a smarter and more efficient way, this is something you’re going to want to check out. Pretty much, it’s going to be a bunch of conversations between myself and a lot of other people who are much smarter than me about the best way to navigate the Wild West of digital content creation that we’re all living in now.

Helping me kick it off is someone most of you guys already know, Chris Fenwick, whose podcasts FCPX Grill and Digital Cinema Cafe are two of the main inspirations for WMM Film Central. Chris and I don’t talk much FCPX on this one, though (we’re saving that for an upcoming episode of the grill)… instead, we spend a whole lot of time talking about the business side of editing and how to build and sustain a career as a freelancer in the film/tv industry, and what some of the strategies for success are for that.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to be all over the map on what we’ll be covering, from a rundown of what creators should be thinking in terms of modern online distribution with Yekra CEO Lee Waterworth to a really fun discussion with Alex Gollner (Alex4d) about the Apple Pro Apps code of silence and how we see FCPX workflow developing for editors. From there, we’re going to be all over the map with editors, colorists, broadcasters, mobile filmmakers, sound designers, and pretty much anyone I know that’s doing something cool in the film business who I think is going to be interesting to talk to. Expect to see some familiar faces from the FCPX community.

Anyway, you can find new episodes right here on Mondays on the FCPWORKS blog, over at, or just go ahead and subscribe on iTunes.

2015 is going to be a really interesting year, and I’m hoping you guys are going to find Film Central to be a useful resource in helping you navigate all of the change that’s happening in our industry.

If you have any requests for people or topics you’d like to see me cover on the show, feel free to get in touch.


Sam Mestman

Sam Mestman, FCPWORKS.

This blog post contains the personal musings of FCPWORKS’ Workflow Architect, Sam Mestman. Sam’s also a regular writer for and MovieMaker Magazine, teaches post workflow at RED’s REDucation classes, and is the founder and CEO of We Make Movies, a film collective in Los Angeles and Toronto which is dedicated to making the movie industry not suck. If you’ve got any FCP X questions or need some help putting together a system, drop him an email at and you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter at @FCPWORKS.


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