Intelligent Assistance Producer’s Best Friend

October 9, 2014 Tags: , ,
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Producer’s Best Friend from Intelligent Assistance, an awesome program for archiving and sharing information via spreadsheet about your edits (think music cue sheets, notes, revisions, etc.), just introduced a really interesting new feature called Layouts.

Basically, it allows you to choose custom layouts that feature user specified amounts of information on just about any criteria from an XML a user can specify into a spreadsheet.

In English, this means that you can specify the information you’re sending out to someone into a custom layout so they’re only seeing the things you want them to see.

So whether you’re delivering for music, VFX, GFX, etc., if you know how to tag things in FCPX, automated custom reports for people is pretty simple and straightforward now.

Simplified reports. Editing continues to become easier.


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