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  • Professional results
  • Easy to customize


  • Bit pricey for a single effect
  • Options can be overwhelming

So… as the neverending plugin machine continues to churn for FCPX… fewer and fewer of these plugin sets have a specific use case, I’m finding.  I really wish more of them did.

However, if you’re an editor that needs a quick, professional looking, highly customizable template for a corporate video/podcast intro/interstitial, especially if it’s tech/science based, GraphiText is probably the one you should check out first. Have a peek at this preview and you’ll see what I mean:

Bottom line is that these are designed to be for transition graphics… and if any of the 7 templates have the right feel for what you want, you buy the plugin package and have a reusable, high end graphic that you can customize around your own branding (it has dropzones and highly customizable text).  If you’re a one man band, plugins like these make you look good to clients.

Luca Graphitext 01
In general, I think this kind of plugin package is a great example of what Motion should be used for… and what more plugin developers should be building for editors – which is highly customizable effects/templates/transitions/titles that would be nearly impossible (or not worth the time spent) for the average person to learn how to make… and are extremely easy to integrate with the average edit.

I’m happy to spend a small amount of money on a plugin package I know I’m going to reuse constantly… and while I’m good with Motion… probably a solid B… I’m certainly couldn’t make the kind of stuff Luca does.

GraphiText is available from FxFactory (In my opinion, easily the best way to buy and manage plugins for FCPX) or from the Luca Visual FX site here.

Lastly, in case anyone was wondering… I did receive a review copy for the plugins… but I also only review the ones I like.  I like these… as I do most of Luca’s other stuff, which you can find here or on FxFactory.  If you want to know my favorites from his other bundles… the Lo-fi look, Film Leaders, Sprocket Slip, and Grunge Effects, are some of my consistent go-to’s.

Luca Graphitext 02


Sam Mestman

Sam Mestman, FCPWORKS.

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