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October 18, 2016 Tags: , ,
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If you spend any time on YouTube (and really who doesn’t) you might have heard of ipsy Open Studios, the production platform created by Michelle Phan to enable cosmetic and beauty consultants to turn into YouTube Stars and Influencers. More on the runaway success of ipsy over at Fast Company. Well it turns out, they also love to use Final Cut Pro X to create content.

Topics and stars include:

  • Add Third Party Effects by Cydnee Black
  • Export a Thumbnail to YouTube by Madeline De La Rosa
  • Record Voiceover by Lynette Cenee
  • Retime Video by Cydnee Black
  • Create a Video for Instagram by Michelle Phan
  • Color Correct Video by Michelle Phan
  • Create a Title by Madeline De La Rosa

Enjoy these clips and learn how to use FCPX from some highly knowledgeable makeup professionals:



FCPWORKS Noah Kadner

FCPWORKS Noah Kadner

This blog post contains the personal musings of FCPWORKS’ Marketing Director, Noah Kadner. Prior to joining the company, Noah spent several years at Apple where he worked with internal Workflow and Editorial teams in support of Final Cut Pro X customers. Noah also directed a feature film available on iTunes called Social Guidance and wrote “RED: The Ultimate Guide to the Revolutionary Camera.” Noah’s ongoing career goal is communicating digital post-production workflows to experts and enthusiasts alike.You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter at @FCPWORKS.


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