Applications and Plugins

Out of the box, Final Cut Pro X is powerful and up to any post-production task. These 3rd party applications, plugins and filters can help take your work to the next level. For even more, please visit our resource index.


DaVinci Resolve

Available in both free and paid versions, Resolve brings deeply integrated color correction to Final Cut Pro X.

Autodesk Smoke

Like Motion on steriods, Smoke gives you world class 2D and 3D visual effects.


Helping to bridge the transition from projects created in legacy Final Cut Pro versions up to X.


Going the other way, Xto7 enables project colloboration between Final Cut Pro X and legacy editors.

Sync-N-Link X

Batch processing of dailies with powerful audio-sync features.


Automated translation of Final Cut Pro projects to AAF for high-end audio finishing and mixing in ProTools.

Producer’s Best Friend

Takes an FCPX Event or Project XML and turns it into a spreadsheet. Really useful.

Change List X

Great for high end VFX, Sound, and Color workflows. Gives you back change list functionality you had in FCP7.


A live logging tool.

Movie Slate

Believe it or not, Movie Slate spits out FCPXXML. A must own app if you have an iPad… turns your smart slate into a paperweight.


A great way to wipe unnecessary (render, analysis, proxy, optimized) files prior to archiving something.


If you still require an EDL workflow… use this.

XMiL Marker

Do all kinds of cool things with markers and this app.

Light Iron Liveplay

Allows live metadata entry over an iPad from set.

Final Cut Library Manager

Gives extensive control over Libraries and their contents.

Cantemo Portal

Powerful Asset Management and Library Automation Server.

Shot Notes X

Ingest script supervisor notes into FCPX via XML.

Color Finale

Powerful and professional color grading directly in X.



Free plugins from Motion genius Alex4D.


Probably the world’s most useful plugin.

Hawaiki Color

Get your 3 way color back (and more) in FCPX. Indispensable.

Lock & Load

Image stabilization.

Neat Video

Great plugin for noise reduction.

Tokyo Split Animator

Fantastic keyframeless split screen plugin

Izotope RX

An amazing audio suite of plugins, if you do your own mixes… worth it.


Amazing de-verb plugin.

Ripple Callouts

GREAT for industrial videos.

Ripple Timelines

Some awesome templates.

Denver Riddle LUT

If you need to apply a LUT in FCPX, you’ll need this.

FCP Audio

Customizable royalty-free audio directly in FCPX.

Dashwood Editor Essentials

There’s a lot of packages that offer comprehensive editor tool suites, this one is a cut above.

Dashwood Stereo 3D Toolbox

Plugin for 3D workflows in FCPX.

Luca High Tech

This thing is great if you got to do some video game, tech style graphics.

Luca Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi is a customizable and easy to use plug-in that allows you to create vintage-type looks.

Luca Light Kit

The Light Kit has a number of nice lighting effects.

Luca Light Leaks

There are tons of Light Leak packages out there, but you only need to buy one.

Luca Grunge Effects

Customizable generators that you can use to composite over your footage for a “grunge look.

SUGARfx Subtitles

If you need to do subtitles, try this out.

SUGARfx Xflare

You need Lens flares? Get this.

SUGARfx Swoosh

Some really nice, customizable motion graphics elements.

Conner Productions

Bunch of free stuff and affordable templates as well.